So it begins…

As of February 2014 a new team started rolling around Durham, and now in only May (3 months later) we have 11 members, all keen and ready to hit big derby world.

In the interim of getting our cubs (pre-mins) up to spec all our members have been having all kinds of fun with mixed scrims and bootcamps…

First off was w’or Johno and myself heading down to Halifax (although according to my shite geography skills I was adamant this was Bradford), where we got to meet all the awesome members of The Skateful Dead and learn a thing or two. It was an amaazing day – barring my car needing a bit of a bump start – and I even got the Best Jammer award (which was my first ever award so I was dead proud).

Next our Cubs (Pinkney, Donkin and Hunter) headed up to Glasgow to learn some new skills from the ladies north of the border – or beyond the wall for you Game of Thrones fans 😉 – with Glasgow Roller Derby for their pre-mins/beginners bootcamp.

And finally (for excursions anyway) a pack of us Wolves (Post-mins) headed down to Spa Town Roller Girls in Harrogate and had another right good scrim (ladies only this time). Johno, Pope, Scrawny, McNay and myself went and met all the lovely folks from Spa town and beyond and had some great fun creating and breaking walls. Scrawny (true to form) Apex jumped her way into gaining the Best Jammer award by being her super awesome and nippy self.

In between all the crazy we have been concengtrating hard on getting more amazing and learning loads of new skills so that when we first bout we’re ready and able to play with the big leagues.

So where do we go from here? Well we plan on having our first intake soon so watch out for updates on that. We have a nearly complete team outing to Deathrow Hull and H.A.R.D for their mixed scrims over Easter weekend – This will be our Cubs first outing to play in a mixed scrim but we know they’ll be all kinds of awesome and are ready for this.

Expect more updates on our adventures soon…

Robinson #85

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