Tiger’s in the North East

Yup you read that correctly – but not the kind of tigers you probably imagine, although they’re just as fierce as their counterparts 😉

Tigerbay Brawlers are holding a Double Threat touring boot-camp and our neighbors Middlesbrough Milk Rollers were selected to host one of them at their Eston venue. Of course we were ALL over that and the crew all bundled up into their cars on the Saturday morning and headed on our way down the A19 to immerse ourselves in everything they had to offer.

The coaches for the day were; Kid Block, Pip Gray, Billie Pistol and Neil Helado.

Eston, as always, was a hive of activity. After sorting waivers, getting kitted up and generally getting ready for the days events the boot-camp began.

The first half of the day (drills section) focused on Jammer skills and primarily use of your toe-stops, all I can say is my toes definitely felt it the next day. The second half was blocking and wall techniques, mostly looking at how using a catcher effectively can kill a Jammer dead (in a motion sense not literally).

The final part of the day, after a quick rest and a bit of snack time, was a good old scrim to put all the skills we’d just learnt into play.

We finished the day exhausted but happy.

A massive thank you to Tigerbay and Middlesbrough for putting on an awesome day and teaching us all the skills!!!

Robinson #85

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