Our first bout!

So exciting times here at house DRD, we have our first bout – which considering we were only founded in February this year is a little bit, in fact no, scratch that. It’s all kinds of mental!

We’re playing Dundee Roller Girls (B team) on the 13th of July. This is both astounding, terrifying, exciting, and just insane. But we’re well up for it and in intense preparation mode now as it’s only 2 months now until we head north of the border and really test what we’re made of.

We are only small in numbers but we’re very focused and intend to give Dundee a run for the money. This will be some of our girl’s first bout (playing alongside us) so we’ve encouraged them to go to cherry poppers and mixed scrims in the interim to get as much track time as possible and hopefully drive away some of the nervous energy that I know I suffered from on the day of my first bout. I know we all feel it on bout day – but at least it won’t be as intense.

So on that note we have a pack of newly fledged wolflings heading to Rainy City’s Thunderdome for their double header with a mixed cherry popper as their opener. Donkin, Hunter, Pinkney and Emberson will be heading through to show the derby world what they’re made of and of course we’ll be going along to watch them – we do like a good old team road trip

Watch this space world, we’re coming for you!

Robinson #85

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