Inclusivity and Roller Derby

An article has been published this week about Roller Derby and women’s sport that attempted to divide, and drive hate through our sport and our community.

We won’t be sharing the article here but it implied that inclusivity of female and non-binary gender identities threatens women’s sport – Roller Derby has a proud history of support to the LGBTQIA+ community.

We stand proudly with you not only as a UKRDA member and a WFTDA league, but as human beings

If you would like to know more on inclusivity in our sport you can read the UKRDA and WFTDA gender statements via these links

In line with this, we at Durham Roller Derby, allow all those who identify as women, trans women, intersex women and/or gender-expansive to train and compete as skaters.

The conversation around gender, equality and inclusivity is a constantly evolving one and as a league we strive to not only learn, but educate as we grow.

#proud #inclusive #sportforall #visible #pride #inclusivity #rollerderby #allies #educatedonthate

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