24JINKXMONSOOZWhen did you first get involved with Roller Derby?

What’s your Derby story?
I found roller derby after giving birth to my second child. I was unfit and completely lacking in body confidence and motivation. Roller derby changed all of that! I am so proud of how far I’ve come in four years and look forward to how much more I can achieve with the support of my derby family. Predominantly a blocker, I’ve recently discovered a love of offence and I am training hard to be an effective pivot.

What’s in your kit bag?
Custom Antik boots, magnesium Avenger plate, Atom Jukes (88/91), Kwik ceramic bearings, Atom Bionic Super Stopper toe stops, 187 wrists and elbows, S1 Lifer Helmet and Smith’s Scab knee pads.

If you could describe DRD in four words what would they be?
Family, Resilient, Athletic, Empowered!

06DE0F9E-464D-4E61-8B73-366F06E6CD9F - Suzanne Hart
Credit to; Joel Rock

Favourite Action Shot:
This photo is of me being ‘big’ and providing offence for Smith during our Belfast game. We worked so well as a offence/jammer pair that day and this photo totally captures how awesome it felt!