#33 Pavlovs Dodge

When did you first get involved with Roller Derby?


What’s your Derby story?

I heard of roller derby for a long time before I started skating myself but always worried I wouldn’t be good enough at it. I’ve never been a particularly sporty person, I was the kind of kid in school who had sick notes for every PE lesson and I totally didn’t get the idea of exercising for fun.

I’d returned from maternity leave after my second child and one of my colleagues asked if I fancied giving it a go as a local team were having a new intake. I’ve never looked back!!

I had planned a short break when I took a change in my career, which ended up being longer then planned thanks to COVID, but I got my skates back on in 2021 with Durham Roller Derby and am so glad I did.

What’s in your kit bag?

I still skate on my entry level GT50s because they’re just so bloody comfy! But I’ll soon be upgrading these as they’re starting to fall apart 😭.

I love my gumball toe stops and my wheels are 94s but I have no idea what make they are 🙈.

Killer Pro pads all the way and a Bullet Zombie helmet. Oh and the best mouth guard around.. Sisu.

If you could describe DRD in four words what would they be?

Exhilarating, strength, challenge (in a good way!), and badass 😉

Favourite Action Shot:

This photo is of me jamming at a game. I absolutely love being a jammer, the feeling you get when you finally break through that wall and have the clear track up ahead to build up speed and plan your next strike is like nothing else.