4 CLAIRELY PSYCHOWhen did you first get involved with Roller Derby?

What’s your Derby story?
I was in the middle of a mid life crisis when I bought some roller skates from eBay. Facebook then started sending me notifications of games in the area. On a boring old Saturday in May I decided to go to a game. I walked into the Walker Dome in Newcastle to be surrounded by people with multi coloured hair, tattoos, piercings and I knew immediately I had found my people. After watching the game I was absolutely in awe and determined to find a league I could join. I wouldn’t take no for an answer, turned up to sessions and went through fresh meat on my own. I passed min skills by the September 2015 and was playing my first rookie bout in the October 2015

What’s in your kit bag?
My kit from head to toe- S-one helmet, sisu mouth guard, 187 Pro elbows and wrists, TSG knee pads. My skates are beaten up Bonts on an Avenger plate with super ball toe stops and a combination of Rolline Gladiator 95s and Halos 92s

If you could describe DRD in four words what would they be?
Committed, Competitive, Courageous, Inclusive

Life Thru Argos Lens
Favourite Action Shot: Credit to Life Thru Argos Lens