85ROBINSON DRDWhen did you first get involved with Roller Derby?

What’s your Derby story?
I started out in 2013 with another local league, and was a founder member of Durham Roller Derby in 2014. Since then I’ve played in a number of roles but primarily a Jammer for our first 3 British Champs.
I hope to become a part of the blocker rotation as a Pivot/Offence player in the near future.

What’s in your kit bag?
Antik Skates on a Suregrip Mag-Avenger PlateRadar Wheels, S-One Lifer Helmet, 187 Pads, Sisu Mouthguard

If you could describe DRD in four words what would they be?
Strong, Athletic, Supportive, Empowering

DRD vs STRG 2019 / Credit to Life Thru Argos Lens
Credit to Life Thru Argos Lens

Favourite Action Shot:
First game fielded as a offensive player and actually shows me being a useful blocker