New Season, New Roster, New Team

2020 we are in you, this is a whole new season for DRD – we’re rebranding, revamping and back to it with a different looking roster from our 2019 season

We have filled out our roster over the last 6-9 months from recent transfers to returning skaters, to complete newbies – and the roster will continue to evolve over our 2020 season as some of our newer members fledge to full travel team players.

Our Bench team has also quadrupled this year with us now having a pool of folks who’ve stepped up to the task of wrangling us on game day! And this is really exciting for us as we have always found it an area that we’ve struggled to develop – but some things just happen when the time is right.

So what’s our season looking like? Well we’re back for British Championships Tier 3 North, and the fixtures have radically altered this year with new teams and returning teams coming to the British Champs fold; Leeds (B) (merger of Leeds Roller Dolls and Hot Wheels Rolle Derby), New Town, City of Hull (formerly Death Row) and Wakey Wheeled Cats.

Three of these leagues are total unknowns to us, we’ve never played either Leeds or City of Hull (in any of the former formats), and New Town we haven’t played since early 2015/16 and we imagine the league has changed a whole lot since then – so this is really exciting for us as it means we face new challenges to adapt to on track. Wakey are now considered league pals, and we always have a great time playing them win or lose and both our leagues have had some changes over the past year so we’ll both be excited to see how that game pans out!

Our home game ticket link will be going live soon, so watch this space, and we’ll also have some shiney new merchandise and discounted merch this year for you to get your mitts on before it’s gone forever!

Get the 25th of April in your calendar! And we’ll keep you updated on the scores just check out our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for all the updates

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