We Are Back!

It’s been a LONG 15 months. But Durham Roller Derby are finally back at training. Have you missed us?

Things are a little different currently as we are following social distancing guidelines, and easing ourselves slowly back into the sport we have missed SO much!

15 months of no roller derby, or skating has been TOUGH!

Our first weeks back on our track at the Bobby Robson Centre in Ushaw Moor have really focused on general fitness, individual skating skills and foot work. Our coaching crew have stepped up to the challenge of getting Durham back into Derby Shape. Hannah Of Thor has provided warm-ups that are in reality full body work outs and Donkin as head coach has come up with fun and engaging non contact, socially distanced drills to get us back in the swing of Roller Derby again. And we are loving it!

8 weeks in, we have found our feet and we are looking to recruit skaters who discovered all things quad over lockdown! We have a waiting list for people who want to take part – that’s how popular roller skating has become.

So if you haven’t already signed up, now really is the time. Contact the coaching team and lets get you rolling!

PS – Did you know we are now on TikTok? Come and check out some of our training footage and other fun stuff, including a special guest appearance from Danny De Vito!

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